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Top Quality Recording, Mixing and Mastering Services in San Diego, California

Digital Recording

With the accuracy and precision of digital recording and a fully automated console, your project will be afforded the latest in production techniques such as; "state-of-the-art" plug-ins, and onboard digital editing. Our console and DAW's let us save and recall your sessions and mixes instantly and accurately, which saves you time.


There is nothing like the sound of analog gear. That's why we use top of the line microphones, pre-amps, and compressors. Our tube gear, vintage designs and modern equipment include Avalon, Neumann, Manley, Universal Audio, Oram Sonics, Joe Meek, and Brent Averill, just to name a few. Check out our equipment page for a more complete list.


We offer digital based mastering using the latest software and hardware to get the best results, whether you're looking for aggressive modern sound, warm analog modeling, or a combination of both.

Producing and Arranging

Our broad range of production experience allows us to get the right resources into play to realize your creative vision. That includes supplying the right equipment and atmosphere to get the best possible performances and sound into your production. Our producers can also provide additional services or musicians as needed to fill in the gaps. We work with many artists and supply them with contemporary arrangements and production techniques for many musical styles.

Albums and Demos

We provide everything you need to completely craft your album in a comfortable and creative environment. Our client list includes bands, as well as solo artists who may need additional musicians and/or arranging. On-board, cutting edge plug-ins, and editing can be utilized to fine tune your songs and make them radio ready. We also offer block packages to help keep your costs down.

Commercial Recording and Voice Overs

Books on tape, radio spots, motivational/self help series, infomercials, and guided meditation. We can also provide background music and sound effects, either from our own libraries or custom written and produced for you. And with our Digital Audio Workstations, they can be seamlessly integrated and mixed to complete your project.

Tape Transfers and Restoration

We can transfer from many sources including, DAT, records, cassette, reel-to-reel, cd and even 8-tracks. Cutting edge sound enhancement and noise reduction techniques can also be applied to your sound source during this process.

Other Services

These may include arranging, vocal coaching, guitar tones, drum sounds, or bringing in additional musicians.

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