The Unconditionals and Bigrock Studios Nominated for San Diego Music Award

The Unconditionals album "Magic Pill" and Bigrock Studios are nominated for Best Local Recording at the SDMA's

The album was recorded here Bigrock Studios in Escondido, CA. It was produced by Andy Machin who also played all the guitars, bass and keyboards on the album.

about the band:
The Southern California edge of Margaret McClure collided with the New York/ Nashville raw of Liz Miller in the virtual cloud.  With mutual musical admiration, they became fast friends and co-writers. This bi-coastal team of award winning songwriters has created their first collaborative song collection- Magic Pill from long distant rants and vents without restriction or convention. The result is a killer combination of smooth, rough, serious, funny, poignant and sarcastic songs that are provocative and thoughtful. There is something for everyone to revel in.
The signature harmonies and arrangements of Jedi producer Andy Machin, bring the tunes to life. Close your eyes and be hypnotized by the rhythmic sway of a dark love song, Magic Pill, jump up and down with the triumphant “You’re a Dick” or sing along in protest against the objectification of women in “Plastic Princess Thing”.
The truth is expressed here in angles of wisdom through experience, with ‘unconditional’ love for the songs and their ability to transform and transport the listener to a better reality.
Because of the uniqueness of McClure’s vocals, it’s hard to compare to other artists.  However, if you listen carefully, you will hear traces of Radiohead, Young the Giant, Imagine Dragons, Jet, The Script, The Fray, Meatloaf, the Beatles, Queen, Pink, Katy Perry, Sade and others who have left their influences.