Cutting Edge Recording
With the accuracy and precision of digital recording and full automation, your project will be afforded the latest in production techniques such as; "state-of-art" plug-ins, and onboard digital editing.

Our console and DAW's let us save and recall your sessions and mixes instantly and accurately, which saves you time.

There is nothing like the sound of analog gear. That's why we use top of the line microphones, pre-amps, and compressors. Our tube gear, vintage designs and modern equipment include Avalon, Neumann, Manley, Universal Audio, Oram Sonics, Joe Meek, Dangerous Music, and Brent Averill, just to name a few. Check out our equipment page for a more complete list.

Commercial Recording and Voice Overs
These include books on tape, radio spots, motivational/self help series, infomercials, and guided meditation. We can also provide background music and sound effects, either from our own libraries or custom written and produced for you. And with our Digital Audio Workstations, they can be seamlessly integrated and mixed to complete your project.

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