Attention Songwriters and Artists

Sherry Lavelle


Bigrock is for you! We are experts at working with all levels of songwriters, if you are just starting your first song and need kid gloves, give us a call we will help your songwriting dreams become a reality. If you are a veteran songwriter, we can give you the sound you are looking for. For song writers the sky is the limit at Bigrock studios. We can add world class musicians and singers that work in a wide range of styles and deliver a broadcast quality finished product. We have years of success marketing our music for film and TV projects. We know what the music supervisors, A&R reps, Labels are listening for. Let us help you make your songs the best they can be with our arranging, recording, mixing and mastering expertise. To learn more about our staff click here.


The Jackstones

Bands and Solo Artists

Are you a solo artist or band? Do you want a killer CD or demo? Look no further, you have found the right studio. We can cover all aspects of your CD from the bottom up and deliver a world class broadcast quality demo... ready for airplay, film, TV and A&R reps. We have many packages that give you an affordable price...Bigrock Studio is a great place to record your next album!